Philip '06

Phil's full name was Philip I (The First). Phil also had the distinction of being the first Official Mascot of The Utah Filmmakers Association.

Philip '99

I would also like to point out that he was not named after Victor's dog on “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.” Which should go without saying since Phil was around for a numnber of years before that movie was produced.

Phil was born in September of 1998. When I got him in the Spring of ‘99, I also got two of his brothers. One was given to a friend of my mom's and the other, Phydoux (“Fido”), stayed with me and Phil until 2002 when I was forced to choose between my two babies before moving into a new apartment that would only allow one pet. Phydoux went to a new home and Phil stayed with me until he passed away in July of 2013.

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Below is a music video that I produced featuring Phil.

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