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Rouxphuss (Pronounced "ROO-fus"), was a Georgia redneck bulldog. Okay, he was a mut. You might say you've met dogs with personality but not like this one. How many dogs do you know have table manners? Or a clear sense of right and wrong to a degree that if he or she screwed up they would save you the trouble of punishing them? Now, I'm not saying that Rouxphuss was a perfect dog. He did have his faults. He would use your shoes for chew toys if you left them within reach. But other than that, he was a pretty cool dog.

Rouxphuss'Theme Song

Okay, Rouxphuss was kind of spoiled. He figured anything that was good enough for humans was good enough for him. You know, like beds, food, the remote control.

Rouxphuss, showing us his more intellectual side...

As you must know, with all the digging, eating and lounging that Rouxphus did, he got pretty dirty. That's why from time to time he needed to be cornered and dumped into the tub for a doggy shampoo. It wasn't his favorite passtime, but he put up with it well enough.

Of course, once he was out of the tub, he was back to his old business.

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