Phil's Phriends!
(not to be confused with the television show "Phil & Friends!")

Phil's bestest friend is his cousin Auggie. Okay, they're not really cousins, I figure ALL dogs are cousins. But Auggie is Phil's buddy. Auggie's owner (Also named Joe) and I take Phil and Auggie on walks together and watch them play.

We go out for walks on a pretty regular basis. When we do, we usually run into other dogs in the neighborhood. We used to stop to say hi to cousin Terrence who used to live next door.

We also used to meet up with another neighbor, cousin Sally. When Joe used his motorized chair, Sally would jump on his lap for a ride. Sally has also since moved.

This is where you imagine the song "Born to be Wild" is playing.

Phil, Auggie and Sally would often claim the same territory. Then we all head back home.

Of course, that didn't keep Sally from coming over to play.

Oh, there's MORE