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Phil's full name is Philip I (The First). Is there a Philip II? Not yet as Phil has no progeny (and never will thanks to the fact that he's neutered), but who knows. Someday there may very well be a Philip II. Phil won't be around forever. Of course, the real question is, will Philip II be a replacement or will pet cloning become a reality by that time?

Phil also has the distinction of being the first Official Mascot of Utah FilmWorks.

I would also like to point out that he was not named after Victor's dog on "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit." Which should go without saying since Phil's been around a lot longer than that movie.

Phil's Theme Song

Phil was born in September of 1998. When I got him in the Spring of '99, I also got two of his brothers. One was given to a friend of my mom's and the other, Phydoux ("Fido"), stayed with me and Phil until 2002 when I was forced to choose between my two babies before moving into a new apartment that would only allow one pet. Phydoux went to a new home and Phil has been monopolizing my attention ever since.

Phydoux, Philip & Marx at my house in Ogden.

Marx actually belonged to my roommate, Kevin. When he brought Marx home, Phil and Phydoux, who had never seen a cat before, cowered in the corner of the den. It was really shameful. Eventually, they all got along really well.

That isn't Marx on the computer, it's his little sister Spacey (named after the character actor Kevin Spacey). And the feline sitting at the computer, looking as if he's learing how to edit video is Luke (short for Lucifer).

I brought Luke down to Sanpete County with me but had to find a new home for him as well. But he didn't stick around. Instead, he wound up joining the feral population. He did come to visit me at my studio one summer, which was really nice, but I haven't seen him since.

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