This is Eric "Stew" Stewart. Our Best Boy, Cable Manager, Camera Operator and Galley whipping boy. Actually, Stew was a big help in the production of Barracks Rats. He was the man behind the camera on numerous occasions including the day that the final promotional photo was taken.

The Galley scene, filmed at the Foc'sle Galley at NSGA Winter Harbor, reflects a lot of the frustrations that accompany barracks life, particularly at an isolated duty station. But it was all in good fun... officially. ;-]

Ask anyone what the military runs on and, if he or she knows what they're talking about, he or she will tell you, "Coffee and Cigarrettes." While not a smoker, Joe's character has no qualms whatsoever of joining his friends for the occasional "Second Hand Smoke."

This scene marks the introduction of the "bad guys" of Barracks Rats. Best friends and roommates in real life, Pat and Mike were more than happy to lend their talents to the film and really surprised the director with some of their antics.

The conflict between the "Smoke Stealers" and Joe and Jeremy begins with a unique sneak attack on Pat and Mike.

Every good film has certain elements that makes it great. Interesting characters, a goal with obsticles, conflict and, of course, a love story. Nardi, being the strong silent type in our film, was the perfect character to be given a love interest for which he could pine.

"la Femme" Michaela Lemen was more than happy to play Nardi's beloved. Though rumors did run rampant after the premiere of Barracks Rats that they were an item, for the record, they were only actors playing their respective roles.

Here we see Bill in his element. Bill actually was a Remedial PT Leader at NSGA Winter Harbor and was able to enlist the help of his PT group for the filming of this key scene in the movie. It helped to define both Bill and Nardi's characters.

By far, the funniest on screen duo to grace our TV sets, Bill and Nardi are seen here preparing for their much anticipated "Covert Operation."

One thing that critics can't accuse the producers of Barracks Rats of is not being honest. When depicting the lives of sailors who stand twelve hour shifts day and night, one must show what happens when time drags, as it always does. This is demonstrated in the mid watch scene where Joe and Jeremy make a contribution to their "Recycling Project," a 14 pound (at the time of filming) aluminum ball made from the foil their galley meals are wrapped in prior to shipment to their worksite. The Aluminum Ball (Which recieved its own place in the credits) was generously loaned to the producers by its creator and trainer, Tony Taylor. Tony was also a creative consultant to the film and is also listed in the credits.

The first real efforts of the Barracks Rats at finding a way to alleviate their boredom. Nardi seems, at first, the only one to succeed.

One of the best "entrances" in the film, Mike and Pat prepare to exact their revenge upon Joe and Jeremy.

One thing Barracks Rats has plenty of is action. Oh, sure, some might call it gratuitous violence but let's not get caught up in that trite argument. Here we see Joe and Pat facing off at the Command Library

This scene establishes the identities of Winter Park. An exclusive club of only five members (originally four) which pays homage to a certain TV-MA rated cartoon on Comedy Central.

Winter Park would eventually grow to include our friend and brother Arie as well as grace official Winter Park business cards and the official Winter Park T-shirt.

One of our friends, and fellow Barracks Rat, Alyssa Cunningham, came home from work one day to find Joe and Nardi filming a scene in the stairwell of the barracks. When she inquired as to what they were doing, she was told about the filming of Barracks Rats and begged to be a part of it. This was her cameo.

Much of a Barracks Rat's time can be occupied by the playing of video games. Here, we see Jeremy and Bill killing time, and each other, on a Sony PlayStation.

At the same time, a Barracks Rat might also want to take some time to study for the semianual advancement exam.

Here we see Joe, Jeremy, Bill and Nardi arriving at their campsite. Bill has already slipped into his Vietnam flashback.

This is one of those scenes that during dailies the director asks, "Why didn't you guys tell me I was getting so fat?"

Another key scene of tension between Joe and Jeremy and the "Smoke Stealers" at, of all places, the Schooner Club. Social center, pool hall, restaurant and Kareoke Bar to NSGA Winter Harbor.

All the Barracks Rats, friend and foe alike, show their more artistic side while warming up for what could be a PT session.

What do you mean you've never heard of "Syncronized Calisthenics?"

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