Here we see the poster that was used to promote Barracks Rats. We posted these all over the base from the gym to every wing in the barracks. This is actually the third design of the poster. The first was very generic with movie clip art inside the border. The second design had the photograph of the actors in it as well as the characters of Winter Park.

Unfortunately, somebody up at admin got a bug up his ass thinking that we were infringing on Comedy Central's copyright for South Park. This, of course, was ridiculous. First of all, nobody outside the base was going to see the posters, let alone some lawyer for Comedy Central. Second of all, Winter Park simply isn't South Park. It's a spoof. Kind of like Don Imus' "South Lawn" satire on his radio program. Anyway, we decided to let the admin bozo have his way because there's nothing more pathetic than a senior petty officer throwing a temper tantrum.

The cast photo in the poster has an interesting history all by itself. In it you see Pat Callahan, Ryan Nardi, Arie Beugelsdijk (in the back), Jeremy Para, Mike Scholfield (upper right), Bill Cuellar and Joe Puente in the center.

What most people don't realise about this photo is that it's actually a composite of two separate photos. Arie was not able to be there when the rest of the cast took the picture so he was added in later. It was pure luck that the lighting that day was almost exactly the same.

Using Microfronteir's Color It! 3.0 Each photo was edited, removing the ground and then placing Arie behind the rest of the cast. The finished picture was then changed to a grey scale photo and converted into .bmp, .tiff, .gif and .jpeg images for use in the promotional artwork and eventually published on the internet.

There is an even earlier picture that was taken with just Jeremy, Joe, Bill and Nardi. It was taken on the same day that much of the hiking trip was filmed. Hence Bill's camoflauge makeup and his screen credit as Make-up Artist.

All of these pictures were taken with an Apple QuickTake 100 Digital Camera.

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