Welcome to the official home of Barracks Rats, an independant film produced by four US Navy sailors in Downeast Maine.

Barracks Rats is the first movie (to the best of our knowledge) ever made that looks at life in the Navy from the enlisted person's point of you.

The producers of Barracks Rats, big fans of such Navy films as The Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, Flight of the Intruder and others, were tired of seeing Navy films that focussed only on officers and their lives. There was nothing that celebrated the modern enlisted person. What were they to do?

Make their own movie! A movie by enlisted sailors, for enlisted sailors. And thus was born Barracks Rats!

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Here you will find stills from the movie Barracks Rats with commentary.

Feel free to Download a desktop picture and sounds from Barracks Rats.

Want to know how many people it actually took for Barracks Rats to be made? Just read the credits!

Barracks Rats is NOT rated